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When Ari and MiU 69, who starts squirting first?
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셧다운 쇼츠 BLACKPINK – ‘Shut Down’ #shorts Waveya 웨이브야 블랙핑크
[입덕직캠] 짱쎈 트월킹 안무🍑 Luísa Sonza – CACHORRINHAS Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리
MiU vs Asian Sluts PMV
[입덕직캠] 빡센 트월킹 🍑 Luísa Sonza – CACHORRINHAS Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유
트월킹이 뭔지 볼래? 🔥 매운맛 Twerking 본좌🔥 Waveya 웨이브야 | Kendrick Lamar – Silent Hill
BLACKPINK – Pink Venom 블랙핑크 핑크베놈 Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
Classic WAVEYA x Mana Izumi PMV
Ari & MiU – Hey Mami
WAVEYA Delora – Show My Ass PMV
ENG) Tutorial Mirrored BLACKPINK – ‘Pink Venom’ 블랙핑크 핑크베놈 거울모드 안무배우기
BLACKPINK – ‘Pink Venom’ 블랙핑크 핑크베놈 Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
뉴진스…음 … 어려워요…
NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Hype Boy' Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
박재범 Jay Park #NeedToKnow #shorts Waveya
청하 Sparkling #SparklingChallenge #shorts Waveya 웨이브야
현아 HyunA – 나빌레라 (Nabillera) #Shorts 웨이브야 Waveya
Apink CHOBOM 에이핑크 초봄 Copycat 🐱카피캣 Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
선미 (SUNMI) 열이올라요 Challenge (Heart Burn) #shorts Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리
선미 (SUNMI) – '열이올라요 Challenge (Heart Burn)' #shorts Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유
aespa 에스파 '도깨비불 (Illusion)' Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
KARD – Ring The Alarm Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
[입덕직캠] Jessi (제시) – ZOOM 줌 Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유
[입덕직캠] Jessi (제시) – 'ZOOM' 줌 Dance Cover Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리
HOT – SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야
[입덕직캠] Luísa Sonza, – sentaDONA (remix) s2 Dance Cover Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 트월킹 Twerk
Aint A Party Without Gentleman
Come Back Down PMV
Booty Bounce PMV
WAVEYA – Animals PMV
[입덕직캠] Luísa Sonza, – sentaDONA (remix) s2 Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 트월킹 Twerk
WAVEYA Twerk n’ Anal
Asian Anal Fuckpigs PMV
Police Abuse PMV
ARI from WAVEYA showing off her big fake Korean bimbo tits
Who is the bigger dance slut?
MiU from WAVEYA, Jang You Sun, showing off her sexy Korean bimbo tits
WAVEYA is... (multiple select)
Ari and MiU should upload a video where they...

Multiple Choice

Who is WAVEYA Dance Group?

WAVEYA is a Korean dance-duo consisting of the two sexy sisters Ari and MiU. They have a large YouTube following, where they upload various dance videos.

They also have member sites where they produce adult content videos and photos. They are particularly well known for making twerk videos, where they put on sexy and skimpy outfits that show off their unclean South Korean assholes, while they make their asscheeks clap together dancing to music about fucking.

The group was originally bigger, but over a year or two, the many other girls in the group realized that Ari and MiU just wanted to act like sluts on the internet for easy fame, and left. For over 12 years, Ari and MiU have been showing their asses for people all over the world.

Would you describe Ari and MiU as respectable, intelligent, and cool dancers, or as empty-headed bimbo-sluts?
Ari (Jang Eun Young) and MiU are sisters, but love licking ass and pussy from each other
Ari (Jang Eun Young) and MiU from WAVEYA dance and strip as the sexy asian lesbians they are
Do you think Ari and MiU have strong morals, or that they would do anything for cash?

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