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Everyone knows Korea has the nastiest and cheapest whores.
These two sisters embody that spirit.
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These sisters are absolutely addicted to getting their asshole destroyed. She loves pissing herself, while her own sister puts a fist in her asshole. It is safe to say, that both of their rectal systems no longer appear human.

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There is a lot of competition in Korea for women to be noticed. Since the country is morally decadent, girls like these two sisters decide to earn a living by showing off their ass’s and tits for millions of people. They have trained and built their lives around shaking their dirty holes in public and making sure everyone understands that they are dumb whores.


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While many men in Korea are intelligent, most of their women are completely stupid, and these two sisters are indeed absolute morons. All they can figure out how to do, is put on makeup, show off their tits and ass, and make porn. They should be getting special help in an asylum for the retarded.


Incluso cuando hacen ejercicio, actúan como zorras. Son unas putas descerebradas. Nacieron con el propósito de ser bombeados con semen todos los días.
Todo lo que hacen durante su vida es con el objetivo final de obtener más polla y semen. 

Entonces, no debería sorprender que incluso cuando hacen ejercicio, no pueden evitar actuar como prostitutas. Tenga en cuenta que estas dos hermanas son idiotas. No se puede esperar que piensen racionalmente.


Even though they are sisters, it is well known that they are lesbian lovers. They do not care that it is incest. Many rightfully find this behavior disgusting and morally appalling. During their livestreams, the sisters often talk about how much they love the taste of each other’s asshole, and that they daily grind each other in the face with their dirty unwashed pussies.

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Both sisters act more like animals than humans. They behave like bitches in heat, seeking out dick and cum wherever they can. They should be referred to as “pigs”, not “humans”. Such is the case for an increasing number of Korean girls.

They have completely transformed their bodies, by destroying their assholes and pussies. Their rectal canal is barely functional, and they cannot stop pissing themselves. Is it even human anatomy?

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There is nothing left in their brain that could be called intelligence. These days, they are completely moronic, and simply used as sex toys. Stuffing their tits and ass with silicone and changing their pussies and throats to fit more cock.

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Two nasty shit whores that will do anything for a little attention. They gladly act as human toilets, letting people shit, piss, spit, puke or cum in any hole they want. Either sister will gladly spend the day eating nothing but her sisters shit and squirt juice. It would be an insult to human behavior, to call these two whores for public toilets – most public toilets are far less disgusting than these two sluts.


These two dumb sisters are completely open about being sluts, and they regularly upload cheap dance videos to YouTube, where they are watched by millions. Even when they receive thousands of malicious comments, they keep doing it anyway, because it gets their ass-pussy wet

They are viewed THOUSANDS of MILLIONS of times and have millions of subscribers. They have completely accepted their place in the world, as brainless whores. Both sisters are addicted to the attention they get by acting like sluts in front of millions of people.

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Go and leave a comment on your favorite video! They love hearing from their fans!


These two whores have changed so much of their body, most of it is plastic. They have gotten a large amount of plastic surgery, so that they can appear as slutty as possible. They have enlarged their tits and butts and filled their lips to look better when sucking cock. They have changed their faces and hair and use a large amount of makeup every day, just so that they can be the best gangbang targets possible.

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Of course, so much plastic surgery has consequences. The Botox and silicone have leaked into their brains a long time ago and have completely eroded the last of their already low amount of brain cells. At this point, these two sisters are just plastic dolls that are wiggling silicone-filled bags around, completely devoid of thought.

ARI loves to show off her tits and ass. After all, it is the only thing good about her, and she has little other use. Being the absolute whore that she is, she has a great need to spread her ass cheeks in front of a lot of people.

MIU is a younger sister and is always in competition with her big sister to be the most disgusting slut. She is a completely talentless moron, so the only thing she can do is try to copy her big sister and try to be even more of a disgusting porno whore.

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