Public Korean YouTube Sluts

Ari and MiU from WAVEYA love being Public Korean YouTube Sluts. They have garnered hundreds of millions of views on YouTube by publicly spreading their ass cheeks, squeezing their tits together, and dancing like shameless porno-whores. Their father is very proud that his daughters are famous for acting like complete sluts in public, and their mother is happy that her daughters grind their asses in each others face each day in front of tens of thousands of people. They love knowing that their younger brothers friends all jerk off to the thought of anal fucking them.

Public Porn Videos

These two Korean YouTubers get their pussies wet by uploading the sluttiest YouTube dance covers that they can. No matter the song, they can find a way to make a regular dance choreography into a public porn exhibition. They have uploaded almost 800 videos acting like sluts.

Korean YouTubers

Korean YouTubers are some of the most porn-focused in the world. They have created a large industry around YouTube, primarily selling their channels with extreme sexualization and pornographic dances, like these two sisters. They started their channel over a decade ago, trying to become the defacto YouTube sluts in the world.

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Public Sluts

Public sluts get off on the attention, and there are no public attention whores than WAVEYA. Ari and MiU get horny when they show their ass sweat drip down onto their nasty Korean pussies. They love shamelessly showing off their pornographic bodies in public.

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South Korean Culture

In South Korean culture, it’s normal that the women are dumb bimbos, who just want attention. That’s why Ari and MiU feel it’s natural to act like complete sluts in public, because they have been raised to believe women should be sex objects.

YouTube Sluts

There are a lot of sluts on YouTube, but no YouTube sluts do it as well as the WAVEYA sisters. They show zero shame, as they publicly grind their porno bodies up against each other, telling the entire world they’re braindead dance sluts.

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Trending Pornstars

Ari and MiU are making waves worldwide, as they are becoming the latest trending pornstars. Showing their Korean heritage, they love performing their porn shows in public, showing off their disgusting Korean pussies and assholes.

Dancing Cam Shows

Ari and MiU love doing cam shows, where they dance around and act like dumb public bimbos.

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Korean Pornographic Material

WAVEYA produces the best public Korean pornographic material on the internet. They have worked tirelessly for over a decade to be world famous for being complete bimbo fucksluts.


WAVEYA Dance Group

WAVEYA Dance Group was created in 2006, meaning it’s 16 years old in 2022. The YouTube channel is 11 years old in 2022, and their adult porn page is 4 years old.

WAVEYA makes sexual dance videos for YouTube, as well as upload pornographic twerk and titty videos to their private adult member site.

WAVEYA is a Korean porno dance group, consisting of the two sisters Ari and MiU. They are famous for uploading sexy dance videos on YouTube, as well as their extensive catalogue of twerk pornography.

Korean WAVEYA Dance Group has existed since 2006. They created their YouTube channel in 2011, and started creating pornography in 2019.

WAVEYA was started by lesbian sisters Ari (Jang Eun Young) and MiU (Jang You Sun), with the intent of becoming famous as Korean pornstars.

Only Ari and MiU are left in the dance group, as the other members left due to the sexual nature of the videos. However, Ari and MiU have stated they enjoy “acting like sluts” online.

Most of the original WAVEYA members left, due to the pornographic nature the two sisters Ari and MiU wanted to take the dance group.

Originally the dance group had over 10 members, however only Ari and MiU are left. The other original members felt uncomfortable with the level of sexuality that Ari and MiU was taking the dance group, and one member said she “felt like a slut whenever she was with them”.