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In this safe-for-work PMV, WAVEYA compiles all their classic and big hits to show off why their asses and tits are the best in South Korea.

Who is the best dancer?

WAVEYA Dance Group is the ultimate collection of slutty dance moves, and Ari and MiU have become worldclass twerk sluts.

MiU from WAVEYA group being a nasty public toilet slut
MiU from WAVEYA, Jang You Sun, showing off her sexy Korean bimbo tits
Who is the best Twerker?

Both MiU and Ari greatly enjoy being DanceSluts, and they have become world famous for being the biggest dance whores on the entire planet. Out of billions, these two girls decided to dedicate their lives to getting the perfect Korean bimbo body, and then showing it off in the nastiest way possible.

Ari (Jang Eun Young) shaking her sexy boobs
ari waveya getting two cocks in her ass

Who is more suited to be a pornstar camgirl?
Who does the best Slut Face?
Would you describe Ari and MiU as two morally disgusting lesbo-sisters, who openly love to act as pornslutty as possible?
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