WAVEYA Evolution PMV

March 29, 2022 4929 Views

This video is proof of the sexual moral degradation that is happening in South Korea. See how WAVEYA devolve from YouTubers into internet sluts.

Who is the best dancer?
Who is the best Twerker?
Who is the best Titty Bimbo?
Ari, Jang Eun Young, bending over and showing her nude bleached asshole and shaved pussy
Ari (Jang Eun Young) and MiU in a sexy bikini, showing off hoer slutty a Korean bikini is

Asian Moral Degradation has been happening for decades, and is a cultural phenomenon not yet well understood. Most accepted is that Asian women are genetically built to better become cockdrunk, and with increasing living standards this happens at an increasing pace, though other ideas exist.

Ari and MiU from WAVEYA Dance Group both characterize this well, as they started out over a decade ago as YouTubers, mainly doing k-pop dance covers. However, as fame overtook them, the easy money, coupled with the genetic built in arousal they get from exposing themselves, led to an increasing dive into being internet sluts.

WAVEYA is… (multiple select)
Ari and MiU should upload a video where they…

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