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Ari and MiU loves showing off their Korean asses, and in this PMV they go all out twerking their brains out. We know that Ari and MiU just love being internet sluts, and in T.H.E. PMV, they certainly don’t hold back with their ass and tits. Whether it’s bouncing their asses up and down with a SlutDrop, or it’s just leaning up against a wall and twerking until their ass starts clapping, this is the video for you to see.

Who has the tastiest asshole?
Who's pussy tastes the best?

T.H.E. is a softcore PMV, meaning there will be no fucking, nudes, anal, blowjob, or otherwise. If that’s the type of videos you are looking for, you should check out The Hardcore PMV, or Sexy Bitches. If you’re looking for some lesbian incest action, you should watch PussyPuppies, where Ari and MiU go all out touching each others sexy bodies.

Ari and MiU dancing together on a livestream

Depending on what WAVEYA videos you want to watch, you can check them out here:

Who is the best Twerker?
Asian Twerking
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