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WAVEYA has always been known for showing off their asses online. Go on a trip back in time and see some classic WAVEYA twerking.

Who has the tastiest asshole?

Ari and MiU are crazy proud of their hot asses. If you’ve seen more than just a handful of their videos, you’ll already know this. And with good reason! They have both worked hard to create perfect Asian bubblebutts, with perfect gaping assholes.

Who has the best ass?

Both sisters have since a young age dedicated a large part of their lives to looking like perfect Korean bimbo’s, with special focus of on their sexy butts. Everyone knows that they will do anything to have their assholes filled up with cock.

So you can enjoy both Ari and MiU twerking and shaking their asses for everyone on the internet, make their asscheeks clap like the brilliant Korean porno bimbo’s they are.

waveya ari and miu being sluts licking pussy on their youtube channel

If Ari and MiU started fisting each others asshole, who would be the first to start squirting?
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