WAVEYA – The SlutDrop PMV

December 2, 2021 1805 Views

The SlutDrop is a Korean dance move, where a slut spreads her legs, and instantly bends her knees and drops to the floor, grinding her pussy back and forth.

Both Ari and MiU have been known to be experts at the SlutDrop move, and even when WAVEYA Dance Group had many different members, they were known to be the best. One obvious reason, is that both Ari and MiU without a doubt are the biggest dancesluts in South Korea, and with pussies that wet, they have an instinctive urge to drop down and grind them on the floor.

MiU from WAVEYA, You Sun, shows off her hot Korean ass ready for twerking

The SlutDrop features videos from WAVEYA’s YouTube channel dating several years back, before they started their memberme pornsite.

These days, the two sisters dream of nothing else than just shoving hard cock into their assholes, but looking back at the start when they were more shy about their cock addiction is good.

Enjoy WAVEYA twerking their ass, squeezing their tits together for cocks to cum on, and doing the best slut-face that they can hold while dancing like lowclass strippers.

Who does the best SlutDrop?

Depending on what WAVEYA videos you want to watch, you can check them out here:

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