MiU: Twerk Bimbo PMV

February 28, 2022 4559 Views

In “MiU: Twerk Bimbo”, Jang You Sun gets to show off why she is known as one of Koreas best Twerk Bimbos. While not the leader of the WAVEYA Dance Group, MiU is considered the top twerker out there. She can make her ass clap like no other Korean slut can dream of!

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waveya miu sexy ass shake
MiU from WAVEYA showing her naked ass

MiU absolutely loves being a twerk bimbo, and perhaps even more so than her sister Ari, she loves bending over and twerking, showing the world her perfect Korean bimbo ass.

MiU is known as the best Twerk bimbo in all of Korea, and many will argue that she is among the best twerk sluts worldwide.

She starting dancing at a young age, and soon discovered a love for showing off her sexy body.

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