맨발댄스 Hwa Sa(화사) I`m a B(I`m a 빛) Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011

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MiU – Titty Slut PMV
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SOMI (전소미) 덤덤 DUMB DUMB Challenge #Shorts | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
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골반미녀 제로투 댄스 웨이브야 미유 Zero Two Dance | Waveya MiU 💋 Phao – 2 Phut Hon – WAVEYA2011
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Original Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x_WKoAFi74

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WAVEYA is the South Korean dance group which is comprised of two sisters, is referred to as “Waveya”. Ari is the older sister. Jang Eun Young is her real name. The younger sister, nicknamed MiU and real name Jang You Sun is Jang Eun Young, is called Jang You Sun. They formed their dance group over a decade ago. The group has seen many changes through the time. In the beginning there were a lot of female members of the group. A variety of sluts, whores and ugly sluts like you’d expect from a amateur South Korean dance group. Many of the original girls soon realized they didn’t have the self-confidence to dress like sluts in public.

WAVEYA Dance Group does a variety of dance video and events. They upload lots of kpop covers to YouTube. They dance to songs as well as western artists from the west and overseas. They are most famous for their twerk videos as well as for their revealing, skimpy outfits.

WAVEYA contact and Social Media contact information:

Adult Member site: https://memberme.net/waveya

광고문의 contact : waveya777@naver.com


Waveya 웨이브야 인스타그램 Instagram:




웨이브야 고양이채널 Waveya Cat channel : https://www.youtube.com/WAVEYAmiu

Facebook page: facebook.com/WaveyaDanceGroup

Anitta ari ass BTS BTS WAVEYA Dance Cover Cover Dance dance dance cover korean sisters Kpop Kpop Cover Dance Kpop Dance pmv Sexiest Waveya YouTube Videos Sexy Waveya YouTube Videos sisters twerk twerking TWICE Dance TWICE Dance Covers twice waveya TWICE WAVEYA Dance Covers waveya waveya2011 Waveya Cover Dance Waveya Dance waveya dance team Waveya Kpop waveya pmv waveya twice dance youtube youtube dance youtubers 다이어트 댄스 방탄소년단 블랙핑크 안무 운동 웨이브야 춤배우기 춤 배우기 트와이스 트월킹

The group began posting videos of their dance performances on the Korean portal in the year 2006. Waveya gained popularity after the launch of their YouTube channel in 2011, having more than 3.5 million viewers when the channel was created. Dance routines on the videos are performed by Waveya that feature covers of American and Brazilian artists as well the choreography they have created themselves.

There have been a few changes in the group’s lineup since the group began. The popularity of Waveya grew when they uploaded a YouTube video in which they danced to the song of Psy’s Gangnam Style. Since then, Waveya has produced YouTube videos, performed at concerts, and even made commercials. Waveya has been in concert across many countries, including the United States, Korea, Indonesia, Canada and France.

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맨발댄스 Hwa Sa(화사) I`m a B(I`m a 빛) Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유

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