BLACKPINK – ‘Pink Venom’ 블랙핑크 핑크베놈 Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야

August 23, 2022 395 Views

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Video Title: BLACKPINK – ‘Pink Venom’ 블랙핑크 핑크베놈 Dance Cover Waveya 웨이브야

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Uploaded on: 2022-08-23 17:09:21

Video length: 00:01:10

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  1. OooDAMN! 💛💛!

    There’s something so ultra sexy about you dancing to badass, “bitch, get out my way” type music.❤️‍🔥

    You bite hard. 🕷🖤🕷
    If you’re venom in me, let it run through.🩸
    No antidote, please. 😎

    [Thx Ari💞Thx MiU]~ 🐧

  2. I like pretty love cundEsevien las dos🇲🇽👏🙌👍😍😘😇😻😺😊😀😃😆❤💛💚💙💜♥💞💕❣💟💓💗💖💘💟💝❄💮👐👋🙏👋✌💐💍💐💍yes😇😘😻😍

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