Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold

November 29, 2021 2305 Views

Ari & Miu recently hosted a draw on their Memberme. The winner of the draw would get to pick one of them to be their personal dancer for the night. The winner would also be able to pick any outfit they want for their chosen performer.

One week later, the day of the draw had arrived. When Ari & Miu announced the winner. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was the winner of the draw. It felt like a dream. My heart started racing from how anxious I was.

Though I love both Ari & Miu, I’ve always appreciated the fact that Ari wasn’t shy and always took things a step further in her videos. Ari was my top choice for this reason alone. But what really sealed the deal was an enticing new photo Ari had recently posted. She was wearing a cheetah print crop top with gold metallic booty shorts. The shorts were so tight that the sheer size and curvature of Ari’s perfectly refined was forcing the shorts to be tightly wedged inside her crack. Ari’s essentially had a death grip on the shorts.

For the final touch, the metallic surface of her shorts combined with the gold colour made Ari’s reminiscent of a bunch of shining gold bars. One could say that Ari’s choice of shorts made her look like a million dollars. But it’s safe to say that Ari’s is more beautiful and worth more than all the gold in the world.

The great thing about Ari wearing these shorts is that if I were to bury my face in her , I would feel rich and comfortable at the same time. Her face in the photo also had a very and seductive look which made it clear that she was thinking:

“I know you boys are dying to have me sit on your face. You guys are constantly frothing at the idea of feeling my tight, silky smooth cheeks pressed against your face. That’s why I bought these ty booty shorts. I want to help all you boys expand your dirty fantasies. Look at how the light shines off of this beautiful gold colour to give my a nice, glossy finish. They make my look like an irresistible piece of meat. What do you think? Don’t they make my look luxurious? They’re so tight on my that they’re riding up my asscrack. I bet all of you wish it was your riding up my asscrack instead. I’ve been way too naughty lately. I’d love to be spanked right now. But don’t use your hands to spank me. Use your instead. I want to feel the power of your pulsing through my cheeks. Eventually, it will be impossible to resist the temptation of sliding your up and down my golden crack.”

Later that day, I sent an email to Ari & Miu’s business email to inform them that I had chosen Ari as my performer. However, I made sure to also let them know that I loved them both very much because there is nothing better than feeling like your will rip through your pants the moment either of them appear on your screen.

After a few hours, this was the reply I got from Ari:

“Hey, this is Ari. Thank you for choosing me. Miu is a little jealous of me, but at the same time she’s also happy for me.

The thrill of a fan having to pick between the both of us filled us with so much excitement. With that in mind, we both realized that one of us would ultimately have to sit back when it came time for your deciding moment.

Lucky for you, we have decided to give you the honor of coming to our house where we film all of our videos. This is where I will be performing for you in an outfit of your choice. Once you arrive in the city, one of our friends will pick you up and drive you to our house.

We only have two conditions. The first condition is that once you are in our relative location, we will need you to be blindfolded for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain. The second condition is that you won’t be allowed to touch me in any way unless I say otherwise.

Thank you for supporting us. We look forward to your arrival.”

The thought of Ari combining her unmatched level of tiness with one of the best outfits she ever wore was the only thing running through my mind. Nothing else mattered. I had to see that glorious stretching those golden shorts to their limits.

I had arrived in their hometown where their friend was waiting for me to drive me to Ari & Miu’s house. After about an hour of driving, I was instructed to put on the blindfold. Ten minutes later, their friend told me that we had arrived. Their friend helped guide me inside their house. A moment later, I felt my blindfold coming off. I opened my eyes and there she was. Ari was standing right in front of me along with Miu who were both there to greet me.

“Sorry about the blindfold, but don’t worry. After tonight, you’ll forget about that blindfold.”

“Wow… Ari, Miu, you both look absolutely stunning. I’m so honored to be here. This feels like a dream. I’ve watched every video you guys have put out. There’s not many girls that dance with as much passion and energy as you two. I just wanted to thank both of you for all the hard work you put into your videos and for all the times you guys made me smile.”

What I really wanted to tell both of them is how many times I’ve jerked off to them while fantasizing about ing them both up the after twerking their asses on my and stuffing my face with their juicy . But I didn’t want to give off the wrong impression. Sometimes less is more. Plus their performances are filled with ual references and skimpy outfits so there is no need to tell them something they already know.

“It’s our pleasure. We’re glad to have you here. Miu will be cooking up dinner for us. Follow me downstairs. It’s time for me to give you a special performance.”

“Holy , Ari. You guys have a stage with a pole?”

“Oh yes. It’s quite new. We’ve invested all the money from our Memberme into it so we can expand our videos and dance moves even further. The real purpose of our draw was to give one of our lucky fans a sneak peak for what our future content will look like.”

“Wait, so you and Miu will be combining dancing, twerking and pole dancing?”

“Yep, that’s right. Now sit back and relax, and if you can, try not to get too excited, okay? Hehe.”

As I sat down on the comfy couch, Ari walked onto the stage. She started off by blowing a kiss. She then bent over and ran her hands down her thighs. While her head was under her legs, she looked back at me as if she wanted to say “give me your attention.” After a moment, she stood upright and turned her torso slightly. She ever so gracefully swung her hips and near the end of the hip sway, she made sure her sticked out more. She then proceeded to perform a variety of moves that involved a lot of squatting while also adding some leg swinging, leg spreading, and other leggy moves to show off her thigh-jiggling and flexibility. This was only the warmup and my was already rock hard.

Ari transitioned into her next segment. She got on all fours, and started ing her pelvis into the ground while giving me a naughty look as if she was begging me to her with her face down and up. Moments later, she stood up and approached the pole and set herself up so that her back was facing it. She put her hands above her head in order to grab onto the pole. Then she pressed her against the pole, forcing the pole in between her cheeks. She looked at me with a fiery, and sensual passion while biting her lips and slowly started grinding up and down against the pole. I was jealous. Ari could tell that I wanted my to replace the pole. She couldn’t help but giggle.

“If it was Miu on that stage, I don’t think she would’ve grinded her cheeks against that pole. This is why you’re my favorite, Ari.”

Once more, Ari got on all fours. She looked straight at me and started to crawl towards my direction like a y kitten awaiting her next meal. Without warning, Ari turned around and started twerking her on the edge of the stage. For a second, I thought my eyes were playing games with me. She was twerking her only a feet away from me. Her was closer to me than it’s ever been. At this point, my was so hard that I felt like it could rip through my pants and reach out to touch Ari’s without taking a step closer to her.

“Shake that money maker Ari. Show me what you do best.”

“Let me show you something called “the chopper.” It’s a new move I’ve been working on.”

She climbed her way up the pole until she was more than halfway up. Once she felt she had a firm grip on the pole, Ari tilted herself upside down so that the only thing supporting her was her hands. Her legs were now stretched out above her head as if she was hovering like a chopper. The view was incredible. The position and stretch she was in allowed me to see her camel toe. I was also able to see Ari’s from an angle I’ve never seen it in before. She looked like a y golden statue that was waiting to have the gold eaten out from her .

“Hey, remember earlier when I said you would forget you ever wore a blindfold? I want to show you what I meant by that. Come here, don’t be shy.”

My mind was totally perplexed. Ari just eye-ed me while instructing me to join her on the stage. What could she possibly have in mind?

“I’m going to ask you one simple question. If I like your answer, I’m going to reward you with something.”

“Okay, go for it.”

“How many times do you to our videos?”

For a moment, I completely froze. Ari completely caught me off guard.

“Almost everyday.”

“Wow… It’s no surprise that our content would make you , but to to us that often… It’s actually a bit of a turn on that you are so invested in us when we don’t even have any content. By the way, I said you can’t touch me unless I say so, but I didn’t say anything about touching you… or at least not directly. I’m going to reward you with some gold. But I’m going to make you dig for it.”

I was totally confused. What did she mean she was going to make me dig for gold?

“You look confused, haha. I love it. Now lay flat on the ground for me.”

I had no idea what was about to happen. But with a hot twerk queen like Ari commanding me in her own house. My body pretty much moved on its own. In an instant, I was lying on the ground and at this point I was questioning if I would even be ready for what would come next.

Ari took a few steps, and before I even had time to react, Ari’s shiny, golden, gift wrapped was smothering my face.


My mouth and face muscles could barely move so forming any words was futile. Oddly enough, I didn’t care that I could barely breathe. I had countless fantasies of Ari sitting on my face and using it as her personal chair. It felt like Ari was trying to brand my face into her and because of the low squat position she was in, I could feel the true extent of just how much power her had over her shorts. I started to get the feeling that if Ari was to put on a pair of soaking wet shorts, she would be able to use the tightness of her to ring out all of the water.

Ari was using me as her personal playground. I was starting to believe that each back and forth motion of her hips would get her closer and closer to ripping her shorts. Now I knew what she meant when she said she would make me dig for gold. My face was the digging tool and her golden was the pile of gold. The more she grinded and smeared her against my face, the more my nose would dig into Ari’s crack. Her also created two different sensations.

The first sensation was from the silky smooth texture of her golden shorts that felt as if my face was being coated with a delicate skin care cream. The second sensation was from her smooth, succulent cheeks that was consistently painting my face with a lush, stimulating atmosphere. This was because the low squat position was forcing Ari’s shorts to ride up her more than they would if she was standing. This meant that more of her cheeks would be exposed. I was able to experience her in a clothed and exposed state at the same time. It was the perfect contrast.

“This is what I meant when I said you would forget about the blindfold. My is now your blindfold. I’m going to make your face dig through my golden shorts as if you’re digging for gold with a blindfold. You won’t get to see my or touch it. I also hope you’re enjoying the fragrance of the peach scented body lotion I’ve been using to wash my with lately. How does it feel to be smothered by the you worshiped so much during all those times you jerked off to me? How does it feel to be my personal gold digger?”

I was so fixated on her that I didn’t realize my was leaking precum the entire time. Ari looked back at my crotch and noticed a big wet spot.

“Hahaha, you boys are so easy. You somehow managed to leak so much of your lewd juices when neither of us have touched your . Your appetite for my is bigger than I thought. I guess I’ll have to finish you off now. I’m going to make you dig for gold with your other head.”

Ari backed up until her was on top of my crotch. Those ty golden shorts were now rubbing up against my . I felt a bit light headed from inhaling so much of the peach scent from her . There’s an old saying. “Don’t think with your lower head. Think with your upper head.” But what if you can’t think with either? Ari was about to finish off my other head. She gradually picked up the pace until her was grinding against my crotch as fast as possible.

“Ari!!! Your tight feels too good against my crotch. I’m going to !!! Huaaaghhhh!!!

“Yes!!! Shoot out every last drop of your sticky juices from your lewd toy.”

Massive spurts of shot out from my , filling my crotch, and staining my underwear.

I laughed while looking up at Ari.

“I guess this is my punishment for being a gold digger.”

Ari gave me a smirk.

A moment later, Miu came down stairs and said:

“Who’s ready for dinner?”

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