Waveya is an all-female dance cover group from South Korea. As of 2018 the group is a duo consisting of dance choreographer Ari (Jang Eun Young, born November 12, 1989), and her younger sister MiU (Jang You Sun, born January 9, 1991).

Waveya was created by sisters Ari and MiU, who held auditions for and trained the dance team. The group started posting videos of their dances on a Korean portal site in 2006. Waveya gained popularity after creating their YouTube channel in 2011, amassing over 3.5 million subscribers since the channel was made. In their videos Waveya either perform dance covers of various K-Pop, American or Brazilian artists along with their own original choreography.

On 28 March 2018, Ari and MiU announced that they were going on hiatus on their YouTube channel due to them receiving malicious comments from Korea but they have since returned. On 6 December 2018, Ari and MiU shot their first ever magazine photoshoot for Maxim Korea.

In 2019 WAVEYA sisters Ari and MiU opened their pay-for-porn site on  Memberme, where they post twerk and ass videos for their paying fans. At this point, they are not YouTubers, but Korean pornstars.

WAVEYA dance group classic whole group of whores

Meet the Sisters

Ari is the big whore of the group. Even way back in the beginning, it was always her that came up with the sluttiest dances for the group, showing off tits and ass. You can read more about Ari and her amazing ass and tits right here!


MiU is the younger sister, but that doesn’t stop her from being a slut! She loves to twerk her ass and make it clap, and is just as much an attention whore as her sister! You can read more about MiU and her sexy twerking skills here!

Who is the bigger dance slut?


The story of WAVEYA started a long time ago. Ari and MiU have stated they always liked dancing, and they started focusing  on it from a young age. This explains a lot.

Originally WAVEYA Dance Group had many different members. Upwards of 10 different girls have been part of the group over the years. Many soon stopped again however, as it became clear to them that Ari and MiU was more interested in the slutty concept.

You can see this evolution of Ari and MiU, from their early days as YouTuber dancers to ending up as online sluts, in the WAVEYA music video “WAVEYA Evolution”.


Go Go Dancing Girls

In the beginning WAVEYA was doing everything they could to become famous, and often worked as Go Go Dancers in clubs or strippers at private events.

It is a publically known secret that Ari and MiU would whore themselves out at these events, for extra money. Many videos over the years showcase the girls sucking cock in bathrooms or taking cock in the ass in a hotel gangbang.

They also uploaded some of their Go Go dances to YouTube.


WAVEYA Dance Group became famous with their first sexy release of a dance cover of Psy’s viral hit, Gangnam Style. At this point in time, it was not common to see sluts online on YouTube, and Korea and Asia was rarer on the platform.

When WAVEYA released their sexy cover video of the popular kpop song, the channel started to skyrocket. 

This was only their first sexy and viral hit. One year after releasing their kpop dance cover to Psy Gangname Style, WAVEYA released a new insanely sexy video: Ain’t A Party.

In their dance cover to Aint A Party, they both shake their tits and ass in ways that were at the time unseen. Nobody could believe these young Korean sluts would degrade themselves like this online. But it didn’t stop there!

Again, one year later, another hypersexualized video was released from WAVEYA. This time, they were showing their asses in “Mi Mi Mi“.

As one person quickly pointed out: “Hey, her ass  is hanging out of her shorts”. WAVEYA was securing their place not only on YouTube, but on the internet, as Korean dance sluts.

There have been several changes in the lineup since the group began. Waveya’s popularity started to increase ever since they uploaded a YouTube video, in which they danced to Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style. Since then, Waveya has produced YouTube videos, given concerts, and made some commercials. Waveya has performed in concerts in various countries such as Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Sweden.

But for the other girls in the group, it was getting too much. They could not sexually degrade themselves online like Ari and MiU could. Eventually, only the two attention hungy sisters were left.


Ari and MiU become WAVEYA Dance Group

At this point in time, the group becomes just Ari and MiU. It suits the channel and their images well however, and they rise in popularity. The other Korean slags in the group were holding them back.

Before long, most of the content on their YouTube channel focused around twerking, shaking their tits, and touching each other.

The transformation into fullblown porn whores was now in progress. Nothing showcases this more, than WAVEYA releas of their ‘Anaconda‘ twerk cover.

Many people have described the video as softcore pornography, and have expressed shock that it was allowed on YouTube.

Their online stripper career would not end there, however. In the coming years, WAVEYA became a name associated with Korean whores and sluts, and Ari and MiU only dived further into their newfound roles as online famous dancesluts.

WAVEYA sisters Ari and MiU broadcasting that they're lesbian sluts

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WAVEYA Dance Group

WAVEYA Dance Group was created in 2006, meaning it’s 16 years old in 2022. The YouTube channel is 11 years old in 2022, and their adult porn page is 4 years old.

WAVEYA makes sexual dance videos for YouTube, as well as upload pornographic twerk and titty videos to their private adult member site.

WAVEYA is a Korean porno dance group, consisting of the two sisters Ari and MiU. They are famous for uploading sexy dance videos on YouTube, as well as their extensive catalogue of twerk pornography.

Korean WAVEYA Dance Group has existed since 2006. They created their YouTube channel in 2011, and started creating pornography in 2019.

WAVEYA was started by lesbian sisters Ari (Jang Eun Young) and MiU (Jang You Sun), with the intent of becoming famous as Korean pornstars.

Only Ari and MiU are left in the dance group, as the other members left due to the sexual nature of the videos. However, Ari and MiU have stated they enjoy “acting like sluts” online.

Most of the original WAVEYA members left, due to the pornographic nature the two sisters Ari and MiU wanted to take the dance group.

Originally the dance group had over 10 members, however only Ari and MiU are left. The other original members felt uncomfortable with the level of sexuality that Ari and MiU was taking the dance group, and one member said she “felt like a slut whenever she was with them”.

Personal Statement from WAVEYA Dance Group

Personal statement from Ari and MiU, on their dreams for WAVEYA Dance Group, and their personal fantasies and hopes for the future. They said:

“Dancing like this, we’re practically just normal whores, we just want even more attention! Getting fucked up the ass and sucking unwashed sweaty cock in a basement just isn’t enough for us – we want millions of people to see how much of a slut we both are! That’s why we love showing off our ass and tits for everyone. We aim to become the most famous Korean dance sluts in the world!

We get dripping wet twerking our ass up and down for everyone to see – we wish we could show you how we lick the juice clean for each other. We’re sisters, but we love each other so much! Besides, we might be family, but we have been touching each other so much for so long, we don’t even need a boyfriend – we just get off on each other. All we can do is dance, twerk, and pull our tits for you. We look good, but we’re dumb as fuck. Complete airheads. If we ever had a brain, we have worked hard to completely remove it, so that we can focus on just being nasty lesbian bimbos.

Our ultimate goal as sisters and sluts, is to one day be so famous, that we can live off drinking only cum. It will take thousands of men every week to make so much cum, but we are determined to live out our dream. Chucking down galons of cum every day, while making sure we’re all plugged up, so it doesn’t drip out. After days of this, almost exploding, then we dance and twerk with the cum flowing out of every hole we have. That’s our dream.

To become famous for being braindead bimbo sisters, living off cum, becoming the ultimate public toilet sluts. Complete fuckdolls, that can be used however anyone wants. Tied up and ass fucked in a public square, choking on a big dick down our throats. Gangbanged until the final bits of our brain leak out of our ears. All of it filmed, all of it streamed, to millions of people across the globe. We want the world to know, that we are the ultimate asian sluts! The complete and finished airhead bimbos, getting horny and wet from showing our ass and tits to everyone. Lesbian sisters that make each other orgasm by eating ass. Public freeuse sex toilets. Nothing more than cheap and nasty korean street whores – that’s what we want to be famous for!”

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