Jang You Sun

MiU is the second member of Dance Group WAVEYA, her real name is Jang You Sun, and she is a South Korean dancer and softcore pornstar. She is the younger sister of the two, Ari being older. Her specialities are twerking, ass-clapping, go-go dancing, anal and fisting.


Bio information:

♥ Artist / stage name: 미유 / MiU.
Real name: 장유선 / Jang You Sun
Nickname: Butterface

Career: Dancer / Pornstar
Date of birth (birthday): January 9, 1991
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 1.67cm
Natural Weight: 51kg
Weight including implants: 55kg
Group Position: Second lead, main dancer.


Web information:

♥ YouTube: Waveya2011
Twitter: Waveya_Official
Instagram: WaveyaMiU
Porn site: Memberme


Trivia info:

She was interviewed and invited by MNET, and even taught them to dance some choreographies like SISTAR – TOUCH MY BODY.

♥ Her favorite animes include Spirited Away and Sailor Moon.
♥ Her favorite colour is girly Pink.
♥ She suffers from myalgia in the trapezius area.

MiU, Jang You Sun, from WAVEYA, showing her nude tits
Jang You Sun, aka MiU from WAVEYA, getting ready to fuck and make porn in her red lingeri
ARI from WAVEYA showing off her big fake Korean bimbo tits
Who is the bigger dance slut?
MiU from WAVEYA, Jang You Sun, showing off her sexy Korean bimbo tits

While her big sister Ari is the leader of the group, MiU is the main dancer of the two. She is known as being more flexible than her older sister, have a higher energy level, and being much better at ass-clapping.

When interviewed by NAVER, she told them that they original inspiration for starting to dance came from watching K-pop videos. She is quoted saying “The sexy dances really made me envious, they looked so glamorous, everyone wanted them I thought”.

In the same NAVER interview, she said she starts warming up 30-60 minutes before doing a dance video. If she knows she’s going to be twerking, she’ll spend at least 15 minutes loosening up her butt cheeks.

While being interviewed by RockStar together with her sister, MiU was asked if she ever gets turned on while recording, watching her sister dance. “Yes, of course that happens. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I didn’t – she can get me wild.”

A 2020 Playboy interview revealed she enjoys watching pornography, and has a fetish for humiliation and domination. “It’s not so common in Korea yet, but I like to fantasize I could experience it one day.”

MiU from WAVEYA, You Sun, shows off her hot Korean ass ready for twerking

Featured videos

In these example videos, you’ll see typical behavior from MiU. These PMVs and compilations showcase how this Korean bimbo has a fetish for showing off her sexy ass, making her ass clap when she twerks, and squeezing her sexy tits.

MiU is a massive titty-Bimbo, showing off her feminine and submissive Korean heritage. In this PMV, MiU dances and shows off her Asian tits for everyone to see, like the Korean slut she is.

In the PMV “Twerk Bimbo“, we get to see MiU at her best. She makes her ass clap like good Korean slut she is, making sure to stretch out her ass cheeks for everyone to see her asshole.

In “MiU TwerkSlut“, MiU goes all out in twerking and shaking her ass, making her cheeks clap louder than a stadion. She aims straight to be the sexiest Korean dance slut in the world, and she is doing well!

MiU has always been a titty-slut, squeezing and grabbing her boobs in her videos whenever she gets the chance. Here we see some prime examples of MiU showing off her tits.

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MiU – Bad Twerk PMV
[입덕직캠] Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 STAYC(스테이씨) RUN2U 런투유 댄스커버 Dance Cover – WAVEYA2011
MiU: TwerkSlut PMV
[입덕직캠] Luísa Sonza, Mariah Angeliq – ANACONDA *o* ~~~Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
MiU Shows her pussy on cam
MiU: Twerk Bimbo PMV
[입덕직캠] MOMOLAND X NATTI NATASHA Yummy Yummy Love 모모랜드 dance cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
MiU – Korean Toilet Slut PMV
맨발댄스 Hwa Sa(화사) I`m a B(I`m a 빛) Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
Unwrapping WAVEYA Pussy
SOMI (전소미) 덤덤 DUMB DUMB Challenge #Shorts | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유
SOMI (전소미) 덤덤 DUMB DUMB Challenge #Shorts | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] 춤이 매워요🔥 Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) SNL Cover Dance Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] 춤이 매워요🔥 Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) SNL Cover Dance Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유
골반미녀 제로투 댄스 웨이브야 미유 Zero Two Dance | Waveya MiU 💋 Phao – 2 Phut Hon
[입덕직캠] TWICE(트와이스) “Alcohol-Free” 알콜프리 Dance Cover Waveya MiU 미유
[입덕직캠] 매운맛 골반춤 따라해보기 Luísa Sonza, Pabllo Vittar, Anitta – MODO TURBO | Waveya MiU – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] 브레이브걸스 (Brave Girls) – 롤린 (Rollin) Dance Cover Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) – 화(火花)(HWAA) dance cover | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] TWICE(트와이스) I CAN’T STOP ME | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 cover dance – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] 모노키니 입고 살 빠지는 춤 | Megan Thee Stallion – Body | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 cover dance – WAVEYA2011
역대급 검정 모노키니 댄스 Waveya | Christopher – BAD – WAVEYA2011
[입덕 세로캠] TWICE(트와이스) I CAN’T STOP ME | Waveya MiU 웨이브야 미유 cover dance – WAVEYA2011
[입덕 세로캠] Stray Kids HyunJin Circle cover dance Waveya MiU 스트레이 키즈 현진 댄스 웨이브야 미유 커버 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕 세로캠] Waveya MiU – Luísa Sonza – BRABA 트월킹 웨이브야 미유 – WAVEYA2011

Jang You Sun

Skills and Abilities


Main Dancer 100%
Dance Trainer 100%
Dance Submissive 95%
Social Media Promotion 77%
Event Organization 41%
Contract Handling 39%
Recruitment 31%

MiU Intellectual Abilities

Education 27%
Business 25%
Reading 24%
Religion 24%
Politics 23%
Money 22%
IQ - 91 22%
Morals 22%

MiU Dance Abilities

Teasing 100%
Ass-Clapping 98%
Twerking 97%
Go-Go Dancing 94%
Sex Face 83%
Titty Shaking 81%
Stripping 74%

MiU Porn Skills

Gangbang Entertainer 100%
Anal Fuck 100%
Public Toilet 98%
Twerking on Cock 96%
Handjob 87%
Deepthroat Facefuck 85%
Gangbang Slave 83%
Airtight Fucking 81%

MiU Personal Skills

Body Fitness 100%
Makeup Application 95%
Submissive 87%
Private Dancer 80%
Toilet Slave 77%
What is Jang You Suns best quality?

MiU Gif Wiki

Here is the best collection of sexy MiU gifs. Whether you’re looking for gifs of MiU alone, dancing like a slut in a gif, or acting like lesbian whore together with her sister Ari, there are enough gifs of MiU to make anyone happy.

Jang You Sun is a splendid attention whore, and it shows in every little clip she uploads. That’s why it’s not difficult to find sexy Korean dance gifs of her, where she twerks and shows off her hot tits.

In interviews dating far back, it’s clear that Jang You Sun chose as MiU has always been a sexy slut like this. She acts like a blank submissive Korean bimbo as far back as you can tell, and it’s clear in these gifs to see in her face, that she doesn’t even more than a handful of braincells to work with.

WAVEYA MiU being a good korean Bimbo and showing off her tits in lingeri

MiU / Jang You Sun Interview

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